Sunday, October 22, 2006

Black New Yorkers: Booklover hopes to profit from his passion

Black New Yorkers: Booklover hopes to profit from his passion
Amsterdam News Staff
September 28 - October 4, 2006

When Harlemite Troy Johnson launched a website dedicated to Black books nearly eight years ago, it came out of “a passion for Black people,” he said.
Today, Johnson’s African American Literary Book Club ( is a virtual watering hole for Black booklovers and has been called the most popular website dedicated to African-American literature.

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The photo below accompanied the original newspaper article:

Photo Credit: Karl Crutchfield


At 11:59 AM , Anonymous peter haiman, ph.d. said...

Hi, I live in Berkeley. On my website's home page ( ) please click on "pamphlets". I want to work with a local Black artist and publisher to update the text and drawings in the four pamphlets for Black parents you will find there. Years ago these pamphlets were distributed nationally. We must work WITH the parents to make sure the info. is best stated. I also want to extend the series in childrearing areas parents want addressed. I will work for free. All profits from sales go to the artist and publisher. Contact me at Thanks, Peter Haiman

At 10:03 PM , Blogger Ananda said...

Wow. Congratulations. And thanks for all the work you do. As an author who is about to self-publish a first novel, I look forward to reading your newsletter and web site. They have kept me updated on what's new in the book world. I especially appreciate your post about our beloved BeBe passing today. Thanks again. Peace, Ananda


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